International Journal of Agricultural Management & Development


ISSN:2159-5852 (Print)
ISSN:2159-5860 (Online)

Vol 1, No.3, 2011

Assessment of Fish Biodiversity in Oni River, Ogun State, Nigeria (107-113)

Obe Bernardine Wuraola and Jenyo-Oni Adetola

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Comparative Analysis of Economic Efficiency between Low and High External Input Technology Agriculture in a Harsh Macroeconomic Environment of Imo State, Nigeria (115-122)

Anyanwu, S.O.

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Livestock Marketing Decisions Among Pastoral Communities: The Influence of Cattle Rustling in Baringo District, Kenya (123-137)

Kaimba George Kinyua, Guliye Abdi Yakub, Njehia Bernard Kamau, and Hillary Kiplangat Bett

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Needs Assessment Competencies: Are They Important for Extension Educators? (139-155)

Nav R. Ghimire and Robert A. Martin

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Teaching Methods and Tools Used In Food Safety Extension Education Programs in the North Central Region of the United States (157-167)

Vikram Swaroop Chandra, Koundinya and Robert A. Martin

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Pursuing International Competitiveness in Iranian Wheat Policy (169-179)

S.S.Hosseini and M. Torshizi

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Future Prospects of Iran, U.S and Turkey's Pistachio Exports (181-188)

Mohammad Reza Pakravan1 and Mohammad Kavoosi Kalashami

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